Marathons Keep My Kidneys Running

By Saran Ganesh

Saran at the UAE Healthy Kidney 10K

Saran at the UAE Healthy Kidney 10K

My name is Saran Ganesh and I am a proud supporter of Team Kidney. Earlier this year, I participated in the UAE Healthy Kidney 10K and now I’m gearing up for the Marine Corps Marathon in October. As a kidney disease patient, I feel it’s important to do what I can to raise awareness and funds for kidney disease. Here is a little bit of my personal story.

I was born in Sri Lanka during the Civil War. My father was killed during the war when he was caught in crossfire. My mother was a very strong woman who raised me, my brother and two sisters without any support from extended family or friends. In 2001, our family was fortunate enough to come to the United States. I went to college and eventually secured an internship at Ford motor company, where a medical checkup is mandatory to become an intern. Three days after the checkup, I received a call from my doctor saying that they found high levels of blood and protein in my urine. I wasn’t even sure what that meant. I went to visit the doctor the next day and learned that I have kidney disease.

After going in and out of hospitals for endless blood and urine tests and MRIs, I was officially diagnosed with IGA Nephropathy. Though I cannot go back in time and change what happened to me, I know that I can live a healthy life. By taking my medications, eating healthy, monitoring my weight and exercising, I can maintain my kidney function. My goal is to keep my kidneys running for a long time to come—and that includes being an active participant in Team Kidney events!

Saran's many medals

Saran’s many medals

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