Common Mistakes Kidney Patients Make & How to Avoid Them, Part 3: Playing the Waiting Game

By Risa Simon

If you’re waiting to get sicker before you get serious about your future, you could be in for a rude awakening. Open your eyes to what someday could be the inevitable. Look at it this way, “It’s not a matter of if you’ll ever develop renal failure, it’s a matter of experiencing failure of a different kind. Failure to do something (i.e.; seize opportunity) while you still can.”

When you don’t have all the particulars, it is easy to think that you have more time than you actually have in reality. This is an illusion. By using what I call the side-view mirror approach, you are more cognizant of a potential illusion, just like “Objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear.”

While the “if” and “when” of losing complete kidney function may be unknown to you at this time, create an imaginary side-view mirror for yourself that reads “Renal failure may be closer than it appears.”  This perception alone will motivate you to be fully prepared and thinking with a “ready-set-go” mind for seizing optimal opportunities.

An addict waits to hit rock bottom before doing something for themselves. Yet you don’t have to. Partner with a mentor, coach-advocate and your healthcare team to create a coalition of specialists to support your proactive intentions and start securing your best life possible.

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About Risa Simon: As a motivational speaker, 3x published author, patient educator and Peer Mentor for the NKF, Risa has one goal: To empower kidney patients to become their own best advocate. Risa is the founder of Simon Says Seminars, Inc., The Proactive Path and Known as the kidney patient’s patient advocate, she followed the proactive systems she created for herself and others, and is now living her best life ever. This is what she wants for all transplant eligible patients. Her tips, scripts and Donor Magnet® system can be found in her book: Shift Your Fate: Life-Changing Wisdom For Proactive Kidney Patients. For more information visit:

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