Another Good Reason to Get Moving

By Beth Piraino, MD

Are you stuck on the couch most of the time and not exactly motoring down the street when you do finally get up? New research released this week will push you to put some energy in that step. The study, published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, found that “frailty” which was defined by a simple measure –walking slowly–is a strong predictor of early death.

It’s not a secret that frailty in older folks is associated with poor health outcomes, but this study suggests that even somewhat younger people with chronic kidney disease are on a path to premature death if they don’t pick up the pace. The research reinforces the common perception that those who are vigorous and more fit will live longer. While this study doesn’t prove that adopting a healthy lifestyle, including frequent and rapid walking will prolong life, it certainly should sound the alert for all of us to embrace walking and exercising and start a regimen today.

Need more info on staying fit with kidney disease? Get more tips from the National Kidney Foundation here.

Dr. Beth Piraino is the President of the National Kidney Foundation

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