7 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Our Kidneys

1) Teamwork. The kidneys and the heart work together to get the blood pumped throughout the body and cleaned properly. Similarly, it often takes two or more people, each contributing their expertise, to complete any job. The benefit of the skills and talent of each merges to make the whole job that much better.

2) Bigger isn’t Always Better, or Size Doesn’t Matter. The kidneys are the size of your fist, weighing about five ounces but doing incredibly vital jobs in the body–filtering out toxins, regulating blood pressure, maintaining water balance.

3) Moderation is Key or Too Much of a Good Thing is Also No Good. One of the kidneys’ main jobs is to regulate the body’s water balance. Water is essential, but too much water in our system could become harmful. So many things in life are best when there’s a healthy balance between two extremes. Moderation is always key–in terms of time spent at work, focus on consumerism, how we discipline our children and the list goes on.

4) Filter out the Bad from the Good. Kidneys get rid of waste products so they don’t build up and become toxic to our bodies. We can all benefit from filtering out those influences in our lives that become toxic over time. Identify people and activities that fall in that category and stay away.

5) Reduce Pressure and Stress. The kidneys regulate blood pressure and ideally we can also be constantly monitoring and checking our stress levels to reduce whatever pressure exists in our lives.

6) Work Hard. The kidneys filter 200 liters of blood every single day, removing toxins, waste and water. The job is difficult but they do it every day to keep us healthy. Hard work is often easier when the end goal is an important one. Keep your eye on the goal and the work won’t seem so hard.

7) Recycle. The kidneys don’t get rid of old blood, they cleanse it and then recycle it. We can also transform old things into useful items instead of throwing them out.

So take the kidney’s advice for life and take care of your two bean-shaped organs by eating well, exercising and getting your kidneys checked with simple urine and blood tests–especially if you have hypertension or diabetes. To learn more or find out about free screenings visit the National Kidney Foundation.

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  1. Juliet says:

    Very educating and informative

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